Business Consulting, LLC


"Kathy has a unique perspective on the local economy and its needs. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the business community. She has exemplary entrepreneurial skills and is an valuable asset... "                                   L.H. 

"I recommend Thrive.  As a licensed professional who launched an independent consulting company,  I had lots of ideas, but no formal business training or experience. Thrive listened to my ideas and helped me implement those ideas by developing a business plan and a focused marketing presentation. Thrive  provided the business guidance that was specifically applicable to my goals."                                 -D.N.                

My experience working with Kathy De Vries has been exceptionally positive and productive. She came strongly recommended to me by a close friend who had also worked with her. Kathy's consulting services are very much based on producing results, as opposed to performing activities. The time we spend together is always productive and leaves me feeling accomplished. She is professional, flexible, diverse in her expertise and adapts to the desires of each client. Kathy is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to insure the success of others.


"I've been gaining traction every day since I first started working with Thrive Business Consulting LLC and I'm really hard to work with because I know nothing about what it takes to startup or run a successful business. I hope to have Kathy DeVries sitting on the Board of my company soon."       -J.M.

"Kathy shares such interesting info with a very positive, professional attitude..."

"Kathy is like a breath of fresh air. She is helpful in assisting business owners to reach their goals."

"Very productive meeting..."