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Monetize your life's work by preparing your business for sale. 

Most business transfers that are successful happen through building a team of advisors, preparing your business internally, maximizing cash flow for three years before selling, and having realistic expectations of the value of your business. 

Thrive Business Consulting, LLC works with business owners to have an exit plan at every stage of their business. Thrive works with prepared sellers to market their company, and with buyers to find the right match and learn the skills they need to THRIVE. 

What will happen to your company if...

Your competitor goes out of business? 

You have a health crisis? 

You go through a divorce? 

You grow ten times larger? 

Your best customer goes bankrupt? 

Your best-selling product becomes obsolete? 

Government regulations force you to incur 5% more cost? 

Thrive Business Consulting, LLC works with business owners to prepare a successful response to common business threats, opportunities, and challenges. 

As part of a comprehensive SWOT analysis, many business owners find that contingency thinking paves the way for a fresh approach to success for their business. 

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Contingency Planning

Succession Planning