Business Consulting, LLC

Business StartUp One-On-One Sessions

"What are the steps I need to take?" 

"How do I know this will work?" 

"How can I plan if I don't know what I don't know? "

Don't get passed around by the organizations who say they help entrepreneurs. After you attend a free class, they may just forward you on to the next organization that will do the same. Starting your own business is a big step. You're the one putting everything on the line. Getting free advice is one place to start, but for real results, get personalized advice from an expert. Invest up front in YOUR strategy to maximize ROI. 

Thrive Business Consulting, LLC works with clients to create a personalized action plan, recommend appropriate entrepreneurial resources, and troubleshoot your strategy. 

Thrive consultants believe a one-on-one meeting provides the highest value for this stage of your business. Contact us today about our Pre-Cash Flow reduced rate sessions for Business Startups.

You'll know you're ready for the Growth & Strategy sessions when you're comfortable with your cash flow. When your company needs you to transform from doing the work to managing the work, you will know your company has matured to the next level.